A little background

Woodland Adventurers is a family business run by Chris and Debbie Harvey.  The business was set up in mid-2011 aimed at enabling children to spend more time in the natural outdoors, having good old fashioned fun and learning as kids used to do, not so long ago.

Woodland Adventurers formalises the provision of outdoor activities that we have been providing to children for many years - climbing trees, building camp fires, camping, crafting and providing access to farm animals such as sheep and their lambs, or pigs and their piglets.

This started with our own children when they were about 3-4 years old.  We wanted our children to have enriched lives,  understanding animals and their care, the food supply chain and the importance of where their food comes from and providing access to the outdoors with all its health, fun and learning benefits.

We set up a small holding, initially renting land from local farmers, where we kept rare breed pigs such as Gloucestershire Olds Spots, British Lops, Middle Whites, Large Blacks and Kune-Kunes.  The magic of seeing our children with newborn piglets was incredible.  Also, children running free and playing with what nature has to offer seems so enriching for lifelong memories when compared with some of modern living such as computerised gaming entertainment....but don't get us wrong, our children are also into the latest games and gadgets! 

Not all children have access to the outdoors and no doubt there are many parents that would NOT be nutty enough to have more than 90 pigs whilst they are bringing up a young family and playing at farming!  Therefore we came to the decision that we should look to providing this 'alternative' experience to a wider group of local children, aiming to provide the same experiences that our children have had, with the aim of playing and having fun outdoors, with the absolute belief that when children are having fun they are much more receptive to learning new things.

If we can enrich the lives of young people, the new generation, assisting in encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors, to be inquisitive, to learn to make sensible decisions about risks and benefits of exciting activities, to have fun, to develop lifelong positive memories and to develop lifelong skills that will help them in their future, then the satisfaction would be amazing.