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Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire

Den building

Also referred to as shelter building.  Creating a base or base camp for survival or fun.

Dens can be made from natural materials and man-made materials such as ropes and camouflage tarps.  Is your den water proof?  Is it wind proof?  Is it well hidden?  Can it be defended?  Will it keep the enemy out?

Den building is amazing fun and should be child-led wherever possible, with adults there to facilitate under the commands of the children!   Although when it comes to it, many of the adults also get very excited and carried away by the fun of building a den!  Can your team make the best den?

How about eating your camp fire food in your den?

Camp fires

Lighting fires is fun!  Using new methods to light a fire is also a rewarding achievement.  Learning how to light a fire safely is an important skill.  Then using a camp fire for keeping warm, cooking food, toasting marshmallows and popping popcorn gives it even more value.  Take in the smoky aroma of natural wood burning as well as camp fire food, mmmmmm!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire

Tug of war

Kids and adults love to play tug of war.  Tug of war can be facilitated by Woodland Adventurers and its great fun as an interim game to get the team competitiveness spirit going!

Did you know that from 1900 to 1920 tug of war featured in the Olympic Games and the winners during that period were as follows:

  Year   Venue Gold Silver Bronze
1908LondonGreat BritainGreat BritainGreat Britain
1912StockholmSwedenGreat Britain 
1920AntwerpGreat BritainNetherlandsBelgium

In 1920 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to reduce the number of participants in the Olympic Games by reducing the number of team sports, including the removal of tug of war.  Today, the IOC still recognises tug of war as a sport.  The world governing body for tug of war is the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) of which, the Tug of War Association in the UK, is a founding member.

By the way, it seems that tug of war may be the only sport where the first team to cross the line is NOT the winner!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire


An exciting game of tag where the runners have to run from one rope to another without being tagged.  If they get tagged they join the taggers in the middle.  This is repeated the other way round and so on until the last person to be tagged is the winner.  Not to be confused with British Bulldog!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire

Hide and seek tag 

A fantastic game to get warmed up and learn the terrain.  Hide behind trees and shrubs and run when the tagger gets close.  This is a build up game so when tagged each person joins the tagger until the last person is the winner.

Alternative names include: Manhunt, family tag, build up tag and virus tag.

Variations include: Jail break and sardines.

Assault courses

A race through challenging obstacles to beat the other team(s) to the finish.  Challenges include transporting your injured patient on an army stretcher through the forest, under the camouflage scramble netting through the danger zone all the way to safety!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire

Capture the flag

A two team game where the objective is to capture the other team's flag whilst also defending your own team's flag.  An intense, "high octane" game of tag with home and enemy territories.  Spying on the other team helps!  Tactics are wise!  Teamwork is vital and building a secure den is essential!  One of the most exciting games ever!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire

Team death match

Two teams fighting it out.  "Wounded" players go down and call for help.  They can be revived by their team members.  Last team standing is the winning side!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire 

The Hunger Games

Have you read the books or seen the movie?  Enter the wood, then hunt for your weapon and ammunition.  Fight for your own survival.  Tactics are the key.  Allies may be a good thing until they turn on you, so watch your back!  Last person standing is the winner!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire

Water fight

As it sounds, the aim is to get the others wet!  Great fun in warmer weather.  Parents beware!

Outdoor birthday parties & Forest School Bath Wiltshire